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Adaptable integrated website booking engine

Developed over several years, the great care have taken to make it so simple, intuitive and quick so that it makes booking online really easy and natural. This is key features to generate more bookings for your hotel and our goal has been to make the booking process in as few steps as possible. The result is a system that drives high conversion rates, increases the online revenue and helps you keep track of all your sales channels from just one point.


Easy implementation for your webpage

Place a widget on your webpage and that will open up the booking engine in lightbox.

The BookVisit™ back-office will provide you with small piece of code which must be ‘copy-pasted’ into your webpage template and it will generate the online reservation widget. Visit our customers homepages to see the variations of the booking widgets’ appearance and how various widgets’ layouts fit into the different website designs.


High conversion rate

BookVisit has a conversion rate above industry standard. Customer that has switched to BookVisit booking engine has increased conversion with up to 198%.

Powerful rate adminstration

The admin application allows for easy execution of powerful revenue-maximizing strategies. With a balance between transparency and flexibility BookVisit has one of the most advanced rate administration tools on the market.

Cloud based

BookVisit reservation service is 100% cloud based. We host everything for you in a secure data center. Since is it cloud based all upgrades are free of charge.

Supports Multi Devices

You customers are using desktop computers, tablets, mobile phones. To give your customers the best possible booking experience the BookVisit booking engine is optimized for each of these devices.

Enable customers to view, book and pay for meetings, in real time, on your own website.

Meeting rooms

BookVisit meetings is designed to meet the needs of busy hotel owners and managers for whom time is often the scarcest resource. BookVisit can reduce by half the number of meeting enquiries that have to be handled by staff. Customers can get all the answers they need about meeting room availability, catering, equipment and pricing from the hotel website. They can then book and pay without having to talk with or email hotel staff. The result is more bookings, less work and happier customers.