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Economy Hotel, Tallinn

Economy hotel in Tallinn, Kalamaja is using BookVisit™ online system since 2010. Booking engine has made huge development in recent years. It has encourgaed us to continue using BookVisit™ system. It is easy to manage and strong analytics platform provides clear overview of sales trends. There is also great customer support. In short – it is the best solution to every hotel that is opened to great deeds. - Sten Hiis, General Manager

Grata Hotel, Vilnius

Grata Hotel has been using BookVisit™ online system since 2014 October. Despite the fact that this system is used a relatively short period of time, lots of advantages are visible. Firstly, it is easy to manage. Secondly, it provides access to various tools – from reservation to promoting tools. Thirdly, it has lots of and different analytical platforms, which helps to perform the property better. Even more, the booking engine is very attractive to customers. Mostly their attention attracts a design, simplicity and clarity. The hotel is very satisfied of BookVisit™ and is thankfull for opportunity to use it! - Justina Taluntė, Sales & Revenue Manager

Noorus Spa Hotel, Narva-Joesuu

Booking system BookVisit™ it is Speed… Innovations… Competence… This organisation has huge ambitions and such ambitions help us – it´s customers – to accomplish our goals quicker… That´s all about BTG. - Mihail Duzenko, Sales & Marketing Director

Magnus Hotel, Kaunas

Using your system, we have significantly increased the number of guests. We’ve enjoyed working with you in the last years. You were always very professional, friendly and helpful in every way. You are very businesslike, everything is done quickly and clearly. Very swift respond to all our requests. - Viktoras Gurnickas, Head of Sales Dept.

Astor Riga Hotel & Conference, Riga

We use BookVisit™ reservation system from the first day Astor Riga Hotel was opened and are very satisfied with highest levels of daily usability, stability and security. It is great, that on the Latvian tourism market there is local companies capable of offering high quality innovative tourism related services with higher additional value and we are pleased to cooperate with them and thus also facilitate their growth and success. - Dana Zinovatna, General Manager